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1.   Amend section 5 to allow a backyard shed NOT attached to the main dwelling unit.  
Currently, many properties have sheds not attached to their homes which is a violation of the
current covenants.

Amend section 6 in the following manner:

a.  ALLOW small trailers to be stored in backyards

b.  Further strengthen the language that PROHIBITS the storage of large commercial vehicles
and other like vehicles within the subdivision for more than 72 hours in any 30 day period

c.  Also, provide additional language (identical to language being used by new developments)
that PROHIBITS the storage of abandoned or junked vehicles on property

3. Amend Section 6 to ALLOW the elected subdivision architectural control committee to
make rules for the enforcement of Section 6.
Why Change the Covenants?

See your home's
estimated value
and an aerial

See the Larimer
County records

City of

Reason for the changes
We need to Update the covenants so the language will be clear and easily enforced by the Architectural Control

When some provisions are ignored it is legally difficult to challenge the provisions that most people agree are
necessary.  Therefore, these covenants must be updated before other violations (like leaving a junked car in the lawn)
can be enforced.

What Exactly Are the Changes ?
Below is a description of each change proposed