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Below are maps, surveys and satellite images of the subdivision
Click on the image on the right to see it full size
Survey of Subdivision

The actual 1975 survey submitted by William Bray and his
partners to establish legally the Fairway West First Addition in
Loveland, Colorado.
Survey of Subdivision - Property Boundries

The map to the right is on record at the City of Loveland's
GIS archive.  It provides the City of Loveland view of the lot
boundries and maps the area of the subdivision relative to
the golf course and Wilson Avenue.
Satellite Image With Boundry Overlay

The picture to the right is a combination of the satellite view
and survey of property borders.  One property is highlighted
only because a random address was used to access the
image from an archive but for no other reason.

This image is now around 5 years old but the latest
Google Earth image isn't as clear.  Click on the image to
see it full size.